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Ben Lawers

Editor Martin holding on to Ben Lawers in 50mph winds

This is a collection of articles by outdoor enthusiasts as they explore Scotland. We’ll take in the sights, the history and the culture. We’ll take you beyond the tourist traps, trek through wild open country, cycle some of the most exhilarating roads and tracks in Europe and record our journeys here for you to read, see and hear. You can keep up to date with our travellers via Twitter, where access allows. You can even help us decide where to go, by leaving comments, getting in touch or tweeting us.

As the tagline says, we’re taking you on a journey, so we need your input. We hope to open the eyes of locals and visitors alike, making some of the more remote and less visited parts of our beautiful country more popular. The only thing you need to do is answer our question.

We Xplore Alba. Will you?